Neymar Enjoys Night Out With Ex Team-Mates In Barcelona Ahead Of Court Case Against Former Club

 Neymar caught up with old team-mates ahead of his court date

Neymar ignored his impending court appearance to enjoy a night out with his former team-mates in Barcelona.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward is in litigation with the La Liga champions over money he claims went unpaid in loyalty bonuses during his time at the Nou Camp.

The club, in turn, are suing their former star for a breach of contract over when he left to join PSG in 2017, as well as damages totalling around €8.5m.

But the 27-year-old didn’t allow concerns over the outcome of Friday’s hearing to interfere with the opportunity to catch up with old faces.

He posted a picture on his Instagram page of him with enjoying a night out in Barcelona just hours before the trial with his old club was due to begin.

It had been agreed between representatives in advance that the player would not appear to give evidence.

The trial, which had already been delayed twice, looked set to be sidelined again early on Friday after a breakdown between Barca and Neymar’s representatives before a late twist saw it go ahead on Friday afternoon as planned.

The striker was initially paid around £12m when he signed a new deal with Barcelona in 2016 but was due an additional £23m in late July 2017, only days before his £198m transfer to PSG was confirmed.

But Barca refused to make the payment, arguing that “the agreed conditions [had] not been met” since the player had left the club during the terms of the deal.

Neymar spent much of the summer attempting to engineer a return to the Nou Camp but his efforts were frustrated by the Ligue 1 champions.

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