Arsenal Ace Lucas Torreira Enjoys Day Off With His Brother And Sister At Madame Tussauds As He Poses With Terminator And Usain Bolt

Lucas Torreira enjoyed a day off at Madame Tussauds with his brother Claudio and sister Ana

Having risen back into the top four, Unai Emery’s  Arsenal  players were afforded a day to themselves and Uruguayan midfielder Lucas Torreira decided that day would be spent at London’s Madame Tussauds. 

The 23-year-old played 90 minutes on Sunday afternoon as goals from Alexandre Lacazette and Henrikh Mkhitaryan secured all three points against Southampton. 

While they host Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth on Wednesday night, Emery gave his players some time off and Torreira, along with brother Claudio and sister Ana, felt a day surrounded by waxworks was for them. 

The Arsenal ace was all smiles as he made his way around the popular waxwork museum
Photos of the trip varied from posing with  Michael Jackson to copying Usain Bolt's celebration
The Uruguayan is enjoying his time in London as he posed alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger

Often cool, calm and collected on the pitch for the Gunners, Torreira could barely contain his excitement as he posed alongside Rafael Nadal, Usain Bolt, the Royal Family and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator.   

The Uruguayan also found himself face to face with the Man in the Mirror star Michael Jackson before soon stumbling on to musical legend Bob Marley. 

Torreira, a keen movie fan by the look of his visit, stared longingly into the eyes of Brad Pitt’s waxwork while also getting close to Johnny Depp and popular DreamWorks character Shrek.  

While Bruce Willis and Schwarzenegger provided the steel and the Hollywood movie stars provide the glitz and glamour, it also proved a royal occasion as the Torreira siblings met the waxwork equivalents of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

Torreira is enjoying a strong start to his Arsenal career since joining the club from Sampdoria in the summer. 

Making Arsenal fans smile as much as he was during a visit to the popular attraction in Marylebone on Monday, Torreira had more than earned a day off to explore the city of London. 

While he might not have his own waxwork for others to come and admire quite yet, his popularity among the club’s supporters continues to soar after a number of accomplished performances in defensive midfield.  

This spell in London is not one Torreira expects – or wants – to be for the short-term as he revealed to the club’s website earlier this month he plans a long stay in north London.

‘This chance is unique, every child and every footballer dreams of making it to this kind of club,’ he said. ‘At the start everything was very new for me because I came from another country, another life and another lifestyle. But I am a very normal guy, very natural.

‘I devote my time to training and improving as a footballer. I live with my girlfriend and sometimes we go and visit all the emblematic things in town. London is one of the most important cities in the world and I feel very happy here.

‘I am adapting to many new things and I hope I can stay in London for a long time.’

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