Alex Iwobi Reveals He Has An Analyst Helping Him Improve His Offensive Contributions At Arsenal

Arsenal winger Alex Iwobi has revealed that, following the arrival of Unai Emery, he is now supported by a data analyst who helps him optimise his offensive attributes.

The Nigerian, who has often been accused of lacking the end product, diminishes the importance of his stats and claims he now feels more involved in the Gunners’ attacking play.

Iwobi spectacularly broke into Arsenal’s senior squad three seasons ago, adding extra dimension to the Gunners’ offensive line with his flair and pace.

However, the 22-year-old has never scored more than three goals in a season, prompting fans to criticise him for his statistics.

But the Nigerian claims that he now feels more confident going forward thanks to a data analyst, who sends him video footage of his performances – proving again the degree of Emery’s attention to detail.

He told the club’s website: “This season I feel much better and I feel like I’m in control, especially going forward in an attacking sense.

win’ Terriers game

“I have an analyst now who is always trying to help me, which I didn’t have in seasons before, so he’s sending me clips and saying what I can do better.”

Iwobi says he is aware the numbers he puts up at Arsenal  are short of what is expected from an offensive player at a top Premier League club.

Although he has been revealed as the king of the Premier League nutmeggers from the first part of the season.

But Iwobi thinks that stats do not always reflect a player’s impact on his team, and believes the extra work he puts in has made him contribute more offensively at the Emirates.

He said: “That’s helped me and I’d like to say I’ve been involved in a few goals this season, even it’s not the assist or the goal, I’ve been getting a few pre-assists which go unnoticed.

“But at the end of the day as long as the team does well, that’s my main concern.

“I would say each day I’m still growing and still learning, but negatives, obviously they’re always going to criticise me for my goals and assists, which I need to add to my game if I want to be compared with the people I’m playing with.

“The main thing is just to remain calm. We’ve even been doing some mental work to remain calm under pressure and calm when I’m on the pitch, and this is something I’ve been working on, not just in football but also off the pitch as well.”


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