Cristiano Ronaldo Ready To Sparkle Against Old Club Manchester United As Juventus Star Shows Off Diamond Watch At Media Conference

Cristiano Ronaldo showed off a diamond-encrusted watch at his press conference on Monday

Cristiano Ronaldo  sported a customised watch at his press conference on Monday night that appeared to be modelled on the Jacob&Co Caviar Tourbillon range. 

The emerald version in the collection fetches an eye-watering £1.85million, although the Juventus’ forward’s timepiece appeared to have been finished with 424 glistening white diamonds.

A similarly flashy customised watch, which appears to have been designed by Franck Muller, was bought by rapper Wizkid who is said to have paid $1.2m (£850,000).

The Juventus star appears to have a watch modelled on the Jacob&Co Caviar Tourbillon range

Ronaldo is back in Manchester to take on his former club in the Champions Leagueas the Portuguese prepares to line up for Juventus in the eagerly anticipated Group H showdown at Old Trafford.

It is some upgrade on Ronaldo’s wrist after the Portuguese star was previously spotted sporting a £100,000 Jacob and Company limited edition H24 with a total diamond weight of 15.25 carats.

He became a brand ambassador for Jacob&Co back in 2013 while at Real Madrid and is now showing off one of their most expensive assets from the collection.

Ronaldo unsurprisngly blows other star names in football out of the water when it comes to the cost of his watch of choice but he has some catching up to do if he wants the most expensive in the world of sport.

Floyd Mayweather, according to Forbes’ calculations, boasts a £14m billionaire diamond tourbillon watch.

Ronaldo’s statement piece caught the eye of the assembled media as he spoke alongside boss Massimiliano Allegri on Monday having arrived at Manchester airport earlier in the day.

He was quizzed on his feelings about returning to the club he spent six years at but the main issue in hand was the allegations that he raped model Kathryn Mayorga in a Vegas hotel in 2009.

Mayorga, 34, says she was paid £288,000 to sign a non-disclosure agreement and has since been inspired to come forward and tell her story.

But Ronaldo has consistently maintained that what happened following a night of drinking in a nightclub was consensual and he reiterated as much in Manchester.

‘I know I am an example,’ he said when asked if he regarded himself as a role model.

‘I know, 100 per cent, on the pitch and outside the pitch. So I am always smiling, I am a happy man, I’m blessed that I play for a fantastic club, I have a fantastic family, I have four kids, I am healthy. I have everything.

‘So the rest, it doesn’t interfere on me. I’m very, very well.’

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