Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho Has Another Dig At Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp Over Lack Of Trophies


Jose Mourinho took a big swipe at Jurgen Klopp as he defended his own record once again.

The Manchester United coach is under the cosh with his misfiring side losing two of their first three games.

Asked if he should still be considered a great if he does not win a title at United, Mourinho said: “Do you ask that question to the manager that finished third in the Premier League or fourth?”

Happy to point the finger the way of Liverpool boss Klopp, the Special One added: “Because he never wins anything internationally, for example.”

Mourinho has won titles in Portugal, Spain, Italy and England and all the major European prizes, while Klopp has won nothing outside of Germany.

Klopp’s sideline antics are also something that clearly irritate Mourinho.

He said: “I know the majority of the stadiums are used to the winning manager to jump around and to go to the crowd and put his face in front of the camera. With me that is not happening.”

Mourinho claims he is humble in victory but goes on the pitch after big defeats, as he did on Monday after the 3-0 battering at home by Spurs.

He said: “When I win I am the first one to leave.

“But an important defeat at home that’s the way I am. I had to go to the pitch and see the reaction — and it went a way that I felt really humbled.”

Mourinho made it clear in pre-season that Klopp should come under the same pressure he does to win the title — having spent more than any other club this year.

He said: “Maybe this season, finally you demand that they win.”


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