Mohamed Salah Warned By Egypt FA Officials He Is Not ‘Greater Than The Game’ Of Football

 Mohamed Salah claimed fans would harass him throughout the night

Mohamed Salah has been warned by Egypt FA officials he is not “greater than the game” of football.

Last week, Salah’s lawyer sent a letter demanding additional bodyguards to prevent the Premier League Golden Boot winner from being harassed in his hotel room as late as 4am by autograph-hunting fans while on  international duty.

The letter also claimed the Reds striker would refuse to pose for photos with EFA officials and would not appear in future promotional and advertising.

Yet in a sensational reply, Egyptian football’s governing body said:

  •  The EFA will not tolerate any big heads in the Egypt squad.
  •   The EFA will refuse to compile with his extraordinary requests.
  •  No player in the Egyptian squad will receive “special and preferential  treatment”.
  • And the EFA will not cede image rights costs to Salah’s management team.


In a two-page letter dated August 26, signed off by executive manager Sarwat Swelam on official headed paper, the EFA expressed its “dismay and disgust” at the contents of the correspondence with Salah’s lawyer, Ramy Abbas Issa.

The letter states: “Please be advised that any player selected to represent the Association is treated fairly, equally and with respect by both the EFA and the management of the team.

“Whilst you see fit to quote Thomas Jefferson in your correspondence, please be reminded: ‘No player is greater than the game, or the team that he represents.

“‘Football is a team game and not a result of the efforts of any one individual.’”


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