Ronaldinho’s Son Joao Mendes Signs For Brazilian Side Cruzeiro… After Hiding His Identity At Trial

Ronaldinho’s star qualities seem to have passed down to his son who has just been snapped up by Brazilian side Cruzeiro.

But young João Mendes, 13, was adamant he wasn’t going to be awarded a spot as a result of  his connections to his famous father, so he hid his identity during his trials.

According to Globoesporte, Mendes impressed the scouts with his own qualities, long before they found out his gene pool consisted of one of Brazil’s greats.

His father is regarded as one of the best footballers ever, boasting a World Cup, Champions League and Ballon d’Or trophy.

But João lives with his mother Janaina Natielle Mendes who calls the shots when it comes to the youngster’s future.

 The Brazilian star has passed on his football prowess to his young son

Cruzeiro, who have a senior side who play in top-flight football, were impressed with the youngster.

So much so that they’re planning to keep Ronaldinho’s son on their books until he turns 14 and can sign a proper contract.

The young Brazilian has been making a name for himself on the youth football scene.

Prior to impressing Cruzeiro, he trialled at Paris Saint-Germain where history could have repeated itself as the Ligue 1 giants are among the top clubs his father played for.

 Ronaldinho played for several top European clubs, but like his son he started his career in Brazil too

 Ronaldinho's young son has been picked up by a Brazilian team

Ronaldinho started his impressive football career in Brazil too, before moving to Europe where he signed a five-year contract with PSG.

He spent time at many of Europe’s top clubs, including Barcelona and AC Milan, however he never made it to English shores.


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