Neymar, De Bruyne And Coutinho Star In Nike’s New Stunning Advert

Philippe Coutinho is shown dribbling with eight legs as he goes past several defenders

Nike have released the latest in a long line of brilliant footballing adverts to promote their PhantomVSN boots. 

Neymar, Philippe Coutinho and Kevin De Bryune all star in the manufacture’s new promotional video, along with a host of other footballing stars.

The two-minute long clip, entitled ‘Awaken the Phantom’, is based around the boots giving players special powers to make defender’s lives a living hell.

Neymar (pictured) dribbling in Nike's new star-studded advert for their PhantomVSN boots

The video finishes with the player taking on the defender and striking the ball into the goal

Brazil legend Ronaldinho also makes a cameo appearance in the promotional video

Kevin De Bryune rips out of Coutinho and continues dribbling towards the goal in the video

Neymar was shown dribbling the ball and making it vanish, while Coutinho had eight legs like an octopus as he ran towards the goal in the video.

It was the sort of stuff of legends and people all over the world from the streets of France, to the hussle and bussle of a London tube were all discussing who the player’s real identity was.

One person said they heard it was De Bruyne, while a girl claimed they were wrong and it was in fact USA star Mallory Pugh.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ronaldinho, Gennaro Gattuso and Andrea Pirlo also feature in the star-studded line up.

The video finishes with a hybrid of all the players, represented by a a silhouette of black mist, using their special powers to go past a defender and strike into the goal.

The PhantomVSN boots have been designed with internal Quadfit to make them more comfortable and also feature improved lacing equals.

The manufacturer also claim the boots can help improve performance due to the highly texturized Nike Flyknit upper which is designed to provide premium touch on the ball.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the new boots last month, Coutinho told Nike: ‘You can see where to place the ball for the perfect touch.

‘They really are so comfortable to wear. I’m really looking forward to using them next season.’


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