Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals Standing Ovation From Juventus Fans In The Champions League Convinced Him To Move There… Adding Manchester United Did Not Make Him An Offer

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed the standing ovation he received from Juventus fans in the Champions League last season convinced him to move there.

The Portuguese star, 33, then at Real Madrid scored twice – including an astonishing overhead-kick – in a 3-0 quarter-final win in Turin.

His heroics stunned the globe, with Juve fans graciously standing and applauding – a move Ronaldo revealed he fell in love with.

On his club unveiling Ronaldo claimed: “[The standing ovation] was a really stunning moment for me.

“Being welcomed this way is so rewarding, and it increases your motivation to star a new adventure.

“I am really grateful for the way supporters have welcomed me and I hope I can reward them with the way I play.

“I am well physically mentally and emotionally. That’s why I am so proud of being here and of the way I came here. It gives me so much motivation for the future.

“I am different from all the other players who think their career is over at my age. I want to show I am different.

“It is a very emotional for me and the club, because I am not 23 but 33.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo revealed Juventus were the only club to make him an offer despite being linked with an emotional return to Manchester United.

On Juventus, Ron went on to say: “It is the best club in Italy, it is an interesting club, with an upstanding manager and coach.

“So it wasn’t a very difficult decision to take.

“I prefer to think of me in the present – the present is very clear, I enjoy football, I am still rather young and I have always like challenges in my life.

“So from Sporting, to Manchester to Real, it was a dream, I didn’t really think I would win so many titles individually or at a club.

“I think this new challenge will be as good as the others.

“I’m not sad, I am here because it is a brand new challenge for my career, it’s a big club.

“Usually players of my age go to Qatar or China, but I am here and I can go on with my career, and I am grateful to Juventus for the opportunity.

“It is just one new step in my career.”


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