Kevin De Bruyne Backs Manager Pep Guardiola In Yaya Toure Racism Row

Kevin De Bruyne has backed Pep Guardiola over claims he has issues with African players

Kevin De Bruyne has given his full support to Pep Guardiola over claims he has a problem with African players — on the day the Manchester City manager came under fire again from Yaya Toure’s agent.

City midfielder De Bruyne, asked about his former team-mate Toure’s sensational comments, said: ‘I never saw anything. It would be weird if the trainer was a racist with all the black guys in our team.

‘So, I don’t know what Yaya said or if it’s wrongly written or exaggerated. When you don’t play there’s always something you try to find.

‘We had the best season ever, so in the end the coach took the right decision to play with the team who played a lot. So, this year the trainer probably thought he wasn’t doing enough, wasn’t fit enough. I’ve never saw something racist in the club, ever.’

But a day after Toure hit out at his former manager with allegations of discrimination, his agent Dimitry Seluk bizarrely insisted an ‘African curse’ would prevent City winning the Champions League.

Guardiola said on Tuesday: ‘I am not going to talk about the words of Yaya Toure.’


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