Luis Suarez Opens Up On Lionel Messi Friendship

Luis Suarez (r) has opened up on his 'wonderful relationship' with Lionel Messi (l)

Luiz Suarez has given an insight into his friendship with Lionel Messi, one that has blossomed over the past few years since his arrival in Barcelona.

The South American pair can often be seen linking up on the pitch, but they are also pretty close when it comes to off the field matters.

Suarez claims their age and similar lifestyles have resulted in a true friendship despite the egos that often come within a football team.

‘Leo is my teammate and friend, a good person and a great father to a family,’ the Uruguayan told Sport.

‘I don’t see in him the same Messi everybody else does. However, on the pitch there are also moments in which I realise what a great footballer he is and the incredible things he does,’ he added.

Suarez joined Barcelona in 2014 for a fee of £65m and teamed up with Messi and Neymar. The trio linked up emphatically until the latter’s departure for Paris Saint-Germain.

The pair get on off the pitch and Suarez reveals they have a lot of fun and lead similar lifestyles

At 31 years old, Suarez is only five months older than Messi, as they are both in similar stages of their lives.

He cites this as one of the reasons they have been able to get on so well over the past four years away from the pitch, developing a ‘wonderful relationship’.

‘We aren’t only footballers. We’re also parents, we have similar habits and almost the same age. We enjoy having fun, drinking mate, eating together. It’s a wonderful relationship and over time we’ve gained each other’s trust,’ said Suarez.

‘There are lots of egos in a team but that’s never been the case with us. He’s shown that over the years.’

Suarez (l) also says that neither of them have big egos as you would typically find in a team


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