Those 3 Million Super Eagles Jerseys Should Have Been Made By Aba Tailors – Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce representing Bayelsa east constituency has condemned the manufacturing of Nigeria World Cup kits by Nike in Asia.

Many Nike outlets, home and abroad were visited by millions of Nigerians who wanted some of the newly-designed Super Eagles Jersey kit upon its release on June 1.

Wasting no time, Nike reported that it’s three million produced kit were sold out within minutes of it’s official launch. The Jersey shirt was said to be sold at N41,000 and the tracksuit sold for N70,000.

 In a series of tweets, the senator said the manufacturing should have been handled by Nigerians. He said if the contract had been given to a firm in Aba rather than Nike, more job opportunities would have been created.
”Just imagine if those 3 million Nigerian Super Eagles jerseys were made by a firm in Aba rather than @Nike. Aba tailors have the capacity to produce them. We just lost an opportunity to infuse at least $100 million into the Nigerian economy and provide jobs for our youths.”
”It is a win/win situation. If we persuaded @Nike to manufacture our team’s jerseys in Aba instead of Asia, we would all have benefited. Nike would make money from marketing, the Nigerian economy makes money from products made in Aba and our youths get jobs even if temporary.”
The three-time African champions launched the jersey they will wear in Russia, a couple of months back in London. They used the jersey in their international friendly games against Poland and Serbia and England.

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