Antoine Griezmann Says He Is ‘One Of The Three Best Players In The World’

Antoine Griezmann scored twice as Atletico Madrid beat Marseille in the Europa League final 

Antoine Griezmann says he is among the best three players in the world and believesAtletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has played a crucial role in him getting there.

Griezmann scored twice as Atletico beat Marseille 3-0 in the Europa League final on Wednesday night, cementing his status as one of the most highly sought after players in world football.

But the Barcelona target would not discuss his future, choosing instead to focus on his team’s achievement and the impact of Simeone on his development.

It is not the moment to talk about my future, I must enjoy having won a trophy, and celebrate it with the fans,’ Griezmann told ESPN.

‘The truth is this was a dream for me, to win a trophy with Atletico, with (Diego Simeone) and my friends and team-mates.

‘Your feeling for a club gets stronger every game, every year. I’ve been here four years, and I have enjoyed today with the fans, the people of the club, my relationship with them is strong, which is why I give everything on the pitch.’

‘It’s also true that I have learnt a lot with Cholo (Simeone),’ he said. ‘I am a better player thanks to him. I am among the best three players in the world because of him.’

Griezmann finished third in the 2016 Ballon d’Or but may need to move to the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona to truly be viewed in the same light as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Simeone gave Griezmann the Frenchman the green light to join Barcelona after his match-winning diplay in Lyon.

‘Antoine – if he stays we’ll continue to grow and develop,’ the Argentinian said. If he goes then great, he’s given a lot to us over the years. Even without him we’ll continue to grow.’


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