Jurgen Klopp Unhappy With Mohamed Salah Flying Across England For Second Award Ceremony

 Mohamed Salah picked-up the FWA award after his stunning season

Jurgen Klopp says the football writers who awards Mohamed Salah their top gong should have gone to Liverpool to see him instead of wrecking his routine.

The Thursday night ceremony was held in London, despite Salah having his club awards in Merseyside just hours before, meaning a dash for the flying winger, who could play against Brighton on Sunday.

And Klopp claims the writers should have made the trip up to Liverpool to honour his 43-goal superstar who was too kind to turn down their invite.

The German said: “He deserved all the awards he got but I’m not in the mood to praise anybody for the last few months, I’m in the mood to think about Sunday.

“What he did was fantastic, to score so many goals, but it’s all about Sunday.

“It’s difficult with all the challenges he has, I know for the journalists it’s important, but last night to go to London for a party it’s not good. They should have come here.

“We need to be completely focused on the game. Yesterday we had our LFC awards – good timing – and a lot of people wished us luck for the 26th [the Champions League final against Real Madrid], two or three said good luck for Sunday.

“As a manager I’d prefer he goes home after the [club’s] awards and relax but he was early enough in bed, we organised it as much as possible.

“It’s nice to win awards and get picked out of the group. It’s intense, but a positive intensity because it’s for an exceptional season, he deserved all of that and he’s quite fine with that, he’s pretty cool with managing all of the requests and answering questions so that’s OK.”

Klopp gave Salah a glowing review for the media do but again hinted at his unhappiness with his star man having to do so much travelling.

 Mo Salah collected the FWA Footballer of the Year award on Thursday night

Part of his speech read: “’Your winner — Mr Salah — is either with you now or on his way, depending when this message is read out.

“It is typical of Mo’s character that he was so keen to attend.

“And I don’t mean being greedy for awards – but being gracious and good mannered to make every effort to be there in person and thank you for the honour.”



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