Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Trolls Harry Kane By Trying To ‘Claim’ Aaron Ramsey’s Goal Vs West Ham

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates with Aaron Ramsey (left) during their win vs West Ham

Harry Kane’s infamous goal against Stoke City has become the source of much enjoyment for the red half of north London and now Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has become the latest to contribute.

Tottenham striker Kane has been widely derided for claiming a goal from team-mate Christian Eriksen with the club even launching an appeal to the Premier League to get the records changed.

And now Arsenal’s new striker has joined the baying mob by saying he will attempt to do the same with Aaron Ramsey’s goal against West Ham, despite coming nowhere near the cross-come-shot on Sunday.

He wrote on Instagram: ‘This is how we do in London my Gwadaboy [Alexandre Lacazette] getting twice [sic] and I would like to claim the goal from @aaronramsey – just kidding.’

Aubameyang appeared to target Harry Kane by suggesting he will try to claim Ramsey's goal

Ramsey had intended to find the head of Aubameyang when he crossed the ball into the box but it floated past everyone and sailed into the far corner of Joe Hart’s net. It put Arsenal back into the lead and set them on their way to a 4-1 victory.

Kane’s successful attempt to claim a goal from his team-mate was made in his effort to win a third consecutive Golden Boot, but has come at the significant price of now being the butt of all jokes.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino revealed the striker had been taken aback by the amount of criticism he had received but backed him to learn from the social media stick he was getting.

‘Of course, he never thought that this situation would escalate, when he was so certain that he touched the ball,’ Pochettino said.

‘After the game Harry said he touched the ball with a shoulder, he told Christian. I think Harry is a very honest person, he’s not going to lie about this situation. It’s not a big issue for the team.

Kane has been widely mocked for claiming a goal from Christian Eriksen earlier this month

‘It’s normal that he was a little bit disappointed [by the response] because Harry and all our players have Twitter, Instagram and all those things and while Tottenham fans will have supported him, fans of other clubs will have killed him.

‘People have opinions, but that is normal. He was disappointed because he never wanted to create this. Sometimes it can seem a simple thing, and then it becomes big and you can’t stop it. That is what happened here. I think he is going to learn a lot from this you know.’


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