PSG boss Unai Emery Admits He hasn’t Talked To Neymar For Weeks Despite French Giants Winning Ligue 1 Title At Weekend

Unai  Emery claims he hasn’t spoken to star player Neymar in “two or three weeks” despite leading Paris Saint-Germain to title victory against Monaco last weekend.

PSG fired seven goals past the former Ligue 1 champions to reclaim their position as France’s No1 side.

Neymar watched the match on TV after suffering a foot injury earlier this year.

But he failed to get in touch with Emery to congratulate him, last speaking to his boss a few weeks ago.

Emery, under pressure due to another woeful Champions League campaign, revealed: “I spoke with Neymar two or three weeks ago to see how he was and what idea he had of joining the group in training.

“The players have a chat, so Neymar has direct communication with the players as well as the club and I.

“I have a very good relationship with Neymar. He is committed to the team, to Brazil and he is concerned about his recovery.

“Neymar is very eager to return and to play one game before the end of the season – that is what he told me when we chatted two weeks ago.

“I see Neymar in Paris, I honestly feel that the union between him and PSG will continue.

“Neymar has made it clear what he wants at an individual and collective level. We spoke about it at the beginning of the season with him and the president, and that project remains in place.

“Neymar is searching to have the maximum role at PSG, and PSG is searching to have a big starring role with Neymar’s aid. I would not understand a PSG without Neymar, and Neymar would not understand himself without PSG.

“[It’s] normal that top clubs are interested in him. He is considered to be, and is proving to be, among the best three players in the world. Of course, at some point, top clubs can knock on the door.”

Whether Emery remains Neymar’s manager at PSG next season remains to be seen.

Ligue 1 success does not mask the failure to conquer Europe which the club’s Qatari-based bosses are desperate to do.

Emery said: “I don’t see myself as in or out. I think we have had a good season. I have been here for two years and I continue to work.

“When I sit down with the president and the club management to talk about the future, which we have not done this year, we will consider what is best for the club and for me.

“Against Real Madrid [in Europe] it was not to be. But the team reacted well – we have been consistent. We won the league title against Monaco. We will sit down in the short-term and discuss what the future is going to be.

“[Real Sociedad return?] I was with them for ten years. I always say that 50 per cent of my heart is with the club.”


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