Arsenal Stars Hold Team Meeting In An Attempt To End Season Slump

 Arsenal held a team meeting in a bid to get their season back on track

Arsenal stars have held a team meeting for clear-the-air talks in a desperate attempt to end their season-long slump.

Shkodran Mustafi revealed the players had a chat so everyone could voice their opinion on the sub-par 2017-18 season.

All-in-all, Arsenal have lost eight  matches in 2018 alone, only showing signs of life with wins over AC Milan and Watford.

But Mustafi hopes those wins and the recent discussion will set them on the right path, claiming: “Everyone knew it was a difficult period.

“The meeting was about trying to listen to different opinions, different ideas and different feelings, and I think we found a way to try to change a bit.

“It’s not that easy because one meeting is not going to change a lot, especially not during the season when you’re playing every three days.

“But it was important to speak our opinions out loud.

“Overall it was about giving 110 per cent to try to get out of it, and I think we managed it well.”

Mustafi went on to tell Arsenal Player the reason this season feels so painful, is because they had such high hopes last summer.

The German added: “To be honest, this season has been more disappointing for us because we had bigger targets.

“One really big positive thing is that to be able to recover from such a period when everything goes bad and you’re not in form, to be close together and come out of it as a team is a really big, massive thing.

“I’ve been playing in a lot of teams across Europe and I’ve been playing in teams where we have been doing well, I’ve been playing in teams where we’ve been struggling…

“It’s not easy to come out especially when you’re a big team.

“You find yourself fighting in every game against every opponent.

“I think you have to give credit to the team because we managed to come together and go back to the basics.

“Everyone was fighting for each other to try to get back on a winning streak.”


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