Neymar’s Return Date Finally Revealed

Neymar has been using a crutch to try and carry on his active lifestyle as much as he can

Neymar will be out for another six weeks  following the operation on his foot.

It means the world’s most expensive player faces a race to be fit to play for Brazil in the World Cup in Russia.

The 26-year-old striker fractured a metatarsal and sprained his ankle during a French Ligue 1 game between PSG and Marseille.

The PSG forward checked into the Mater Dei hospital in Belo Horizonte for the procedure earlier this month.

And after both the Brazil FA and PSG representatives hailed the operation as a “success”, his country’s team doctor has provided the latest update.

Speaking to French newspaper L’Equipe, Rodrigo Lasmar said: “On the eve of a competition like the World Cup, it’s always a little scary.

This was the moment PSG, and Brazil fans, dreaded, when Neymar went down with injury during a league game

“He became really annoyed in the first moments, but his power of recovery and his mental strength allowed him to overcome that.

“What is certain is that he wants to return as soon as possible. But after the operation, we set a target of six weeks before examining the evolution of his recuperation.

“From there, we’ll do further imaging and detailed reviews that will help us define that return.

“We have to wait to see how it will be for that so we can detail the next steps and establish the day in which he can return to the field.”


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