Ancelotti Wants To Take Over At Arsenal

A new name has emerged in the Arsenal sweepstakes: that of Carlo Ancelotti, a former Premier League winner with Chelsea back in 2010.

The former Milan and Real Madrid has three Champions League titles under his belt, EPL experience… and a desire to return to England!

Linked first to AC Milan – when Vincenzo Montella was struggling – then the Italian national side, it quickly emerged that the sacked Bayern Munich Coach was willing to bide his time in order to get a prestigious EPL posting – even if it meant waiting another season.
Arsene Wenger is increasingly under siege after this weekend’s casual shellacking at the hands of Manchester City. The 3-0 loss in the Carabao Cup has, according to the Star, left the Frenchman with three games to save his job. 

His side is a massive ten points short of fourth place, which would be synonymous with a second season outside of the Champions League. 

Set to face Milan soon, the Gunners may well be picking a new Coach if things continue like this.


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