Manchester United Boss Jose Mourinho Takes Swipe At Paul Pogba After Training Ground Bust-Up

Jose Mourinho has told his players they need to earn his trust.

And he will be hoping that Paul Pogba, especially, is listening.

The Manchester United boss left the £89M star out of his starting line up in Seville although he was quickly forced to bring him on as a replacement for injured Ander Herrera in the midweek 0-0 Champions League draw in Spain.

The Frenchman is poised to start against Chelsea on Sunday.

But the message to him is clear after Mourinho used youngster Scott McTominay as an example of how he wants all his players to react.

He explained: “I think I don’t give trust for free.

“I think it is the other way round.

“I don’t think it is about the manager trusting the player.

“I think it is the player to make the manager trust him it is simple as that.

“Sometimes it looks like we have to give everything to the players and the players give nothing back to us.

“I don’t think that way.

“I think the confidence, the trust I have shown towards Scott he earned it since he came to the first team.

“Since the first moment after eight starts he was earning and that is the way to perform.

“I know that when I want him to play I know the mentality and the quality.”

But the Special One did have good things to say about Pogba and the way he threw himself into the action against Sevilla.

Mourinho, who refused point blank to discuss his relationship with arch enemy Antonio Conte, said: “Coming into a game from the bench is not easy.

“Sometimes players coming in are not ready.

“They don’t have their shin pads, they don’t have their strapping, they don’t have their shirt, they don’t have this, they don’t have that.

“He took ten seconds to be ready, to come to the pitch, to show the professionalism and show that in spite of being in the bench he was ready to help the team, which he did.

“He responded in a very professional way like he also did when he was against Huddersfield in the Premier League.

“He responded in a very professional way and he did the same in Sevilla.”

Meanwhile Mourinho showed he does have trust in Romelu Lukaku who goes into Sunday’s clash having scored 21 goals this season but none against a top eight side.

He said : “I’m not worried at all and I’m happy with Romelu’s performance even when he doesn’t score goals.”


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