Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals The Struggles Of Adapting His Game As He Gets Older

Cristiano Ronaldo confesses his body can’t do what it did earlier in his career as he endures lacklustre form.

Eight goals in 17 league games would represent a good tally for most players – but Ronaldo isn’t your average footballer.

The Portuguese goal machine has scored 293 in 258 starts for Real Madrid in La Liga over nine-and-half seasons – picking up five Ballon d’Ors along the way.

Those figures may well have slowed down, but in the last two years he has won back-to-back Champions League medals, a domestic title and a European trophy.

Talking to GQ Italy, he said: “On a personal level, this moment is fantastic. My family is growing, I feel very happy with my life.

“On a professional level I have had two very good years in which I have won titles with my club and with the national team, and I feel I can maintain myself at the highest level for years to come.”

Ronaldo has had to adapt him game as he ages, once a player focused on pure speed and power, he now operates as more of a poacher.

The 33-year-old admitted as such: “I try to be at my peak physical level because it is very important for my profession. I have to be at 100 per cent and I take it very seriously.

“Now, I don’t do the same things I did 10 years ago. To maintain yourself at this level you must make sacrifices.

“I can no longer do certain things, surely I cannot do the things I did when I was 20 years old. We must always find a balance. Even the small details make a difference.”


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