Reasons Behind Aubameyang Suspension Mystery Revealed

Aubameyang will miss the Stuttgart game after a series of rule violations and poor punctuality

Borussia Dortmund’s suspension Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang came after the striker took part in unauthorised  training ground filming with rival rival club sponsors Red Bull.

The African Player of the Year nominee for 2017 was suspended by his club and missed his side’s clash against Stuttgart on Friday where they suffered another defeat, in a game that was really crucial in order to keep themselves in contention for the Bundesliga title.

Gabon Forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Suspended

According to reports in the German media, his transgressions include repeatedly turning up late for training, and taking part in a film shoot without the club’s permission.

Unauthorised training ground filming with a Red Bull freestyler did not go down well for the Gabon striker, whose persistent rule breaking saw a suspension.

On Wednesday, Aubameyang took part in a three-hour shoot at Dortmund’s training ground with French football freestyler Sean Garnier.

Kicker reported that the shoot involved a camera crew of around ten people, and took place in areas of the training ground to which only Dortmund players and staff should have access.

Internal club rules dictate that players may not take part in such shoots within two days of a match, and that they must be approved in advance by the club.

The shoot was particularly controversial as Garnier is sponsored by Red Bull, the financial backers of Dortmund’s title challengers RB Leipzig.

It appears that the video was the final straw for the Dortmund bosses after a week of ill-discipline from Aubameyang.

Bild reported that the striker had arrived late for training on no less than three occasions this week, appearing as much as 35 minutes late for one session.

This is the second time that Dortmund have suspended Aubameyang for disciplinary reasons. The first came last year, after he flew to Milan without the club’s approval to attend a party.

On this occasion, the striker protested his innocence, telling Bild: ‘I could understand the punishment when I went to Milan. This time, I really don’t understand it. I didn’t want to be late for training.’

Dortmund have had to fight to hold onto Aubameyang in recent years, with the striker making no secret of his desire to move to bigger clubs such as Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. His behaviour has reportedly irritated some of his team mates, who are said to feel that he is on a longer leash than the rest of the squad.


Unauthorised training ground filming with a Red Bull freestyler did not go down well for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, whose persistent rule breaking saw a suspension

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